📣📣📣 2020-2021 續會申請📣📣📣

本會新年度2020 - 2021球季於5月1日開始,鑑於疫情影響以致上一球季有多個月未能安排練習,固新球季會員續會費用將作一次性調整:續會費 $300 + 參賽費 $100:共 $400。

如有興趣成為2020 - 2021會員,請先繳交會費 $400,登入以下連結上載入數紙或網上轉賬截圖、填寫表格並遞交相片2張予本會存檔及做會員証。如現有會員於7月31日前仍未續會,其家長之聯絡電話及電郵資料將被刪除。 

銀行戶名:Monkey Rugby Club Limited

► 請勿於匯豐銀行櫃位存入現金,支票或轉帳,否則會被徵收手續費!本會將向入數者收回手續費,敬請合作。

► 參賽費 
. 所有球員必需向本會預繳 $100 之參賽費,此款項將於球季完結後退回。
. 如已登記出席比賽而在當日沒有出席,其已繳付之款項 $100 將被沒收,撥歸作為球會基金。
. 如因缺席比賽並已被沒收參賽費 $100,當欲報名參加其後的比賽時,則需重新繳付 $100之參賽費。
. 如球員因病而缺席已登記出席的比賽,家長必需於一星期內將醫生簽發的病假證明文件電郵至,而該醫生紙的病假日期須為星期日比賽前兩天至比賽後一天(即星期五至星期一)方為有效。如未能提交有效醫生紙,則需在本球季下一場比賽前再次繳付 $100 方可參加比賽。

✏️ 入會申請表:

📣📣📣請準備填表嘅家長留意,必須要用 [大楷] 英文填寫

📣📣📣 2020-2021 Membership Renewal 📣📣📣

The new season starts from 1 May 2020. Due to the pandemic, training was cancelled for the past few months. As a result, the fee for membership renewal will have a one-off adjustment: Renewal $300 + Match Registration Fee $100 = Total $400.

If you are interested in renewing your membership for the year 2020-2021, please transfer $400 to our HSBC account, upload the payment receipt, fill in the online registration and submit 2 recent photos for our records and the membership card. If an existing member does not renew his/her membership before 31 July 2020, his/her parents’ contact numbers and email addresses will be removed from our correspondence recipient list.

Bank Name: HSBC
Account Name:Monkey Rugby Club Limited
Account No:741-149496-001 

► Please don't deposit the money through a bank teller as this will lead to bank charges to the club. If this happens, parents will need to bear the charges. Thank you for your cooperation.

► Match Registration Fee
. All players are required to pay $100 for the match registration fee. This will be reimbursed at the end of the season.
. For those who have signed up for a match but do not show up, the $100 registration fee will be forfeited and automatically transferred to the Club’s funds (unless a valid medical certificate can be produced)
. Each time the registration fee is forfeited due to a no-show, an additional $100 will have to be paid in order to register for the next match.
. Please note that if a player is absent from a pre-registered match, parents must email the sick leave certificate issued by a doctor to within 1 week. Sick leave certificates should be valid on or two days before or one day after the match (i.e. Friday to Monday). If parents fail to submit the sick leave certificate, the initial $100 registration fee will be forfeited and an additional $100 must be paid in order to continue to participate in other matches of the season.

✏️ Application Form:

📣📣📣Please complete player & parent's personal particulars in BLOCK LETTERS


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